We say this all the time, but our success, our philosophy, and the way we’ve built our business is that relationships with our clients are foundational to our success. And we really mean it.  Derek and I go way back – like as long as that saying has been outdated. And Tiffany and I have gotten to know each other even better since her and Derek have been boos, fiance’s, and now husband and wife [still technically boos]. It’s been really cool to not only have the opportunity to know them as people [because they’re amazing], but to call them dear friends and have the privilege to photograph their wedding.

This wedding marked a few firsts for me [Ashley]. 1] Mike wasn’t there, but my fabulous brother-in-law turned assistant, Tom was and 2] It was our first destination wedding and I loved getting to revisit a place I called home for 4 years [but I would love to travel elsewhere, *hint hint* other destination brides and grooms].

Naturally, incase you haven’t ever visited Tallahassee, FL, the peek of Southern-style Florida, my day began with a quality Jim and Milt’s breakfast kindly complimented with some Moe’s for lunch [where I first fell in love with the Ruprict Nachos]. From there it was go time, I met with the ladies as Tom caught up with the guys. The whole day I could not believe how calm Tiffany was, and even more apparently, how thankful she was for everyone and everything. Some brides think that this is just the most important day ever, and if everything doesn’t goes as planned, or the cake has the wrong frosting…Oh wait, allow me to insert foot in mouth.

I wasn’t a Bridezilla, but I wasn’t a Tiffany bride either. Typically, photographers like to focus on the love that a couple shares for a wedding blog [which Derek + Tiffany definitely do], but for this, I want to share the love that others had for them because it’s what really made this wedding so special. The whole church donated food, a close friend did make-up, another coordinated the day, and even one of her bridesmaid’s families hosted the rehearsal dinner and allowed the ladies to get ready at their home day-of. Yea, pretty incredible.

I hope you can see *that* warmth in all these pictures.

Thanks to Derek and Tiffany for letting me into such a special and sincere day of your lives. It was convicting, incredible, and such a blessing to me and for that I’m grateful.

3 thoughts on “Derek + Tiffany’s Wedding

  1. Wow!! These pictures are beautiful! I can’t wait to see the rest 🙂 thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Ashley, you are truly a gifted photographer. I felt as if I was reliving those special moments. I agree with my new daughter I can not wait to see the rest. Lady you’re the best. I will totally tell everyone I know you are gifted in photography. I have never experience the feeling of reliving the moment looking a picture. I am just amazed.
    God bless you with this gift to help others.
    Thank you again Mrs. Ashley Bennett.

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