Typically, when a client chooses us to be their photographer the next step is determining a location for their session. For every engagement and couple’s session, we always ask if there’s any place significant to the couple or any place they already had in mind [since, well, these are their pictures]. If not, then we go straight to the drawing board, brainstorm, Google search, typically steer away from places that are “photographer happy” and land on a location.

The result is a place we feel can give someone a truly unique product, and has led to us doing shoots anywhere from the Ralph Abernathy Tunnel on the Atlanta Beltline to the Norcross Tavern and our latest “love spot”, The Old Roswell Mill.

Now after seeing 3 other professional photographers there, we were pretty convinced that we weren’t going to be the first or last photographers to take pictures at the Old Mill, but as with every shoot, we were committed to capturing something awesome and different.

The other major challenge we were faced with was that natural light was fading fast. We had planned to do the shoot on a Tuesday afternoon, and much to our forgetfulness, didn’t account for Daylight Savings Time.  As a result, we met an hour earlier, and came prepared with some handy dandy light stands [and a cute man to hold them for me].

Mike held umberllaed [yeap, I  made up a word] flashes as I shot away pictures of the couple. As you can tell, while behind the scenes image making isn’t glamorous, it is a lot of hard work.

Then for our next trick, we got to take some pictures with the future Kearney’s puppy [as I like to call a 6-year-old Doberman], Colby. Like any dog in the woods, he was in his glory, and therefore, was not up for composed pictures. As a result, we all enjoyed a good laugh watching Colby pull Mike around from bush to bush, person to person, while we finished up the shoot [he’s such a good sport] along these weathered brick steps.

6 thoughts on “Jason + Kristy: Roswell Mill

  1. Wow guys, these are really great pictures. I thought I might see some of the same pictures from past shoots, but these have some clever poses and touches. I love the one on the bridge where he holds April in a unique way (holding her hip, hard to describe). Very romantic, even sexy! Keep up the good work. I wish we had pictures like this before we got married! (We can take some pictures over Thanksgiving)!

  2. You are officially hired for my engagement/wedding photos. I will fly you and Mike to wherever I am when that time comes. Thanks in advance!

  3. Ashley…once again,great job. I loved where you took the pictures and I liked the time of day…dusk. The dog comments made me laugh…I can just imagine Colby leading Mike all around the woods. Many good photos to choose from for their “memory album”. Keep up the good work!!! xoxo,Auntie Donna

  4. These are great! Great location and while the sun was fading fast, you worked well around that with your own lighting. Love the pictures and location and how Colby was also added to the photos! Great job again guys! So VERY proud of you both!

  5. I agree, very romantic pictures and such great memories for this couple to look back on. AK is always a sucker for “puppy” shots, after all they are part of the family too!

  6. Another great set of pictures. I agree with all of the above comments. The setting was perfect. Anxious to see the wedding pictures. Love You1 Keep up the good work!

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