This Saturday I had the privilege of being a 3rd shooter [you don’t hear of those very often, ha!]. It was my first time doing so, but the opportunity allowed me to see 1] another photographer’s style and take on wedding photography 2] take shots I hadn’t gotten to take or try before and 3] chill out [hey, they weren’t my clients, ha!]. My favorite part was after all the pictures were taken, I had the opportunity to pick Matt and his wife, Sara’s [of Matthew R Photo] brains on one of our passions – wedding photography.

This wasn’t my first time working with other photographers, it was just the first time I realized the type of photographer I am. Typically, you find that photographers are categorized by what type of things or people they photograph. There’s wedding photographers, family photographers, nature photographers, product photographers, and so on and so forth. But the problem is we haven’t ever tried to do that.

We’ve never found something we didn’t love to take pictures of, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a type of photography we shoot. I think we do [ahem, I know we do]. What I’ve really become most proud of in our work is that we capture moments [I know all photographs are still life, but I hope you know what I mean]. Sometimes really close. Sometimes farther away. Or just enough. Either way, that’s what we do best. We set up our shot, with the correct settings, and wait. Wait for the perfect moment, and click.

I was just sharing that idea with my Uncle when he asked how we take the pictures we do at weddings. He, like many people who are starting photography [us included], made the mistake that the more pictures you take the better your odds of getting a good picture. Wrong. We don’t do that anymore and I’ve learned to be patient with my camera instead of regretting that I took an unnecessary amount of  shots that I just delete later. That’s the real trick of it all.

To wait for shots of somber moments. Happy moments. Moments that I think a lot of photographers traditionally didn’t look for. Or that a lot of trained photographers take for granted because maybe it’s not the perfect lighting. Or the perfect ____ or the perfect that. But it is perfect at displaying what a wedding looked like, and [in my opinion] more importantly, felt like. Our images capture that energy, or peace, or excitement. Or ____ [fill it in with your wedding. Or your family. Or your ____]. And to us, those are the best photographs you can ask for.

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