Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of MAB soul-searching. What is MAB? What do we want MAB to become? How can MAB serve others better? And what will that look like for us? There’s a lot of loaded questions we’re only beginning to answer, but I’m glad we’re answering them. I don’t want to move forward without purpose or vision, and I don’t ever want “MAB Photographers” to be limited to just photography because we’re so much more than that. We’re Christians, and there is and will always be a mission behind what we do – to glorify God.

It would be dumb for us to push ahead any other way. We don’t need to have it all figured out, but I pray for God to teach us. To share His creative ideas with us. To bless our business. To show us what steps to take. I know that He has been with us and in control throughout this whole process, and I’m thankful for that. The funny thing is I don’t think I ever saw “art” as a practical medium to show people Love or to serve others, but somehow lately my world keeps being turned upside down, ha! And in a good way.

I’m an outed Type-A, choleric, micro-manager at heart. My natural bent is to see the world in black, white, and grey, and categorize everything into one spot consciously or not. Over the last couple weeks, we’ve had the privilege of being invited to our clients’ homes to photograph their families, and much to my worldview’s dismay, they all look different. It’s been a great mold breaker for my typical perspective and getting to know each family has blessed me artistically and personally. It’s allowed me to see how different marriages, kids, and families operate, and to appreciate how truly unique they are. My goal is to find what makes them individually and collectively special, and photographing that, is what makes our pictures different from Sears or a lot of other family photographers.

Out of all the sessions we do, these are the most genuine and intimate, and we love them for that. Kids just have this way about them that can’t settle for much less, and we don’t want our pictures to either. Rather than focusing on pose here or pose there sessions, we find that a setting most comfortable for children to be nothing less than themselves is perfect. This session with the Gollottes was ideal.

From cowboys hats to outdoor explorations, I think we effectively captured a day in the life. The sweetest part was seeing how throughout the session, my pictures got better and better – mainly because 1] it took time for Tobin and Fi to share and trust me with their delightfully silly and fun personalities and 2] we did the shoot on their terms. If they wanted to dress-up, we dressed up. If they wanted to go outside, we went outside. I’d rather capture happy kids outside on a trampoline than cranky kids doing what I want– because let’s be honest, that happens and it isn’t always pretty.

The expressions and activities I got to capture are the same expressions and activities that Clark and Sarah’s two children do on a daily basis. They’re images that will truthfully represent what their family looked like 20 years from now. And while these pictures can only tell fragments of their story, I hope you can see what makes their family, their family and unlike any other.

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