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"Xu said the dollar, serious face." "Why should I tell you ah!" I forgot I already said ." "What do you call ah. Baltimore Orioles throwback jerseys " I think grandma is well aware of child psychology, in every child's heart has wanted to be a different person, so the grandmother had finished speaking, I suddenly had a kind of sense of pride, that feeling now that I think more like a movie suddenly saw an old man, the old man in front of you, I see your bones Qing Qi, eventually Cheng Kung University, the moment I do not feel much the same thing is a thing, and even feel flattered . Three Crips again shouting "Do not bite me ah! Help ah! Do not bite me ah !!!" "Yellow, yellow .

" I hold the door slowly straightened, I do not want to hear any more, that I have to be so long to mid-twenties? Then I'll also be able to talk with the others take a bath, why bother? ! "Sister? Sister !!" Suddenly someone called me, I turned, actually saw the children standing in the corridor of the head, I froze for a moment, "Son?" He started punching me move "Sister! Come on over!" Then he ran to the heels on the side of the corridor. Grandma house to protect the family cents a close yellow paper sign, then I do not know the word, do not know what is written above, we know that before eating a burning incense into it, grandma told me to protect the family cents bless our family gods, and said our family Xianer were somebody who can not hurt us, so although I am young, very naughty, but did not dare to sign a piece of yellow disrespectful. Baltimore Orioles youth jerseys " I 'Oh,' a cry, this turned around, looked at me scared culprit, Xu dollars went directly to the yard, with the promise of dollars behind me, looked at me and still ask, "Jiao Long you just listen to Shane. Baltimore Orioles womens jerseys But the grandmother's body was suddenly soft down, sat down next to me on the heap of stones, I was shocked, watching the grandmother, "basking, how do you !!!" Grandma's eyes somewhat glazed, I cried for a long time before slowly Huanguo Lai, look directly to her just pulled my hand painted stone, pointed to "What is this?" "This is what you just pulling my hand-drawn ah.

I was hiding in the side, and now she is no matter what the expression, I have a kind of weird feeling indescribable. Baltimore Orioles vintage jerseys Soul sister some helpless smile, looking grandmother "Where is the popular thing ah, not by his light. I do not know what kind of strength awkward, but want to talk to the grandmother has been simmering not say, come back at night when grandma was cooking dinner, I did not speak directly out books began homework, look at my grandmother entered the room obediently homework also some in a daze, "Jiao Long, you do not go out tonight, how the play." My silly smile, watching her "ghost long-sawed ah. I ran into the yard, screaming loudly to shout "!! basking basking you rushed out !!!" I may be called sound too shrill, grandma with grandpa are out, the grandmother saw me look shocked, shouting his mouth ran over to me, "Oh goodness Jiao Long ah! What do you mean I got, ah, what you throw, ah, who ye are dirt it !! " I looked at his hand ginseng grandmother cry out of breath, so I did not speak, grandfather saw one of ginseng in my hand, "Johnson dragon ah, ah Where did you get the wooden club.